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What have we been doing in Class 4PD

During the summer term,  we will be visiting the British Museum to see some artefacts from Ancient Egypt. To prepare for this trip we will be finding out about daily life in Ancient Egypt by observing a range of objects and using secondary sources. We will also be finding out about Pharaohs, Gods, pyramids and mummies!  We are also really looking forwards to exploring symbolism in Egyptian art and jewellery, later on this term.  We wiil be focussing on the Scarab beetle which we will make out of salt dough.


In English we have started reading The Egyptian Cinderella, which seemed quite different to other versions of Cinderella we have read or watched. The Egyptian Cinderella loses a slipper but she doesn’t have a fairy godmother or a pumpkin! To help us visualise the setting for this story we have begun to undertake research about the River Nile and other rivers around the world.


In maths we have started the term with our final place value unit. We are becoming more confident at reading, writing, identifying and representing numbers to 10,000. As the term progresses, we will be solving problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and using these skills to explore money,  length and patterns.


Every week we will be using our circle time to explore a Hearts value. We have already been thinking carefully about compassion and trying hard to show perseverance in our learning.  This term we will also be exploring honesty, fairness, loyalty and service.


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