The children at Hilltop Junior School are keen to reduce their carbon footprint by saving energy and recycling. We have decided to set up an Eco Committee consisting of 2 children [Eco Warriors] from each class and 2 members of staff. The committee will meet once a month to discuss any ideas or projects. We will be recycling all paper, card, glass, plastic, food, batteries, mobile phones, printer cartridges/toners and clothes. Our Eco Warriors will be on hand to remind the children and staff to recycle correctly and to switch off to save power. In the Spring we plan to create our own allotment and plant the seeds that were kindly donated by parent/carers at our Harvest Festival. Hopefully we will be able to use some of the produce in our kitchen! If any parents/carers can help us prepare our allotment or if you have any equipment to help prepare the patch please contact the office.


Hilltop Junior School Eco-committee – 2016-17

We have two representatives from each class, each will wear an Eco badge every day so that they can be easily identified by all the children and staff. Their role within the school is a very important one, they remind staff and pupils to switch of lights, save water, to recycle rubbish and to help ensure that littering does not occur on the school grounds. The Eco Committee meet at least once a month to discuss the progress they are making and to identify any problem areas that they may need to address. Over the coming months we are looking forward to lots of exciting projects, including recycling clothes and textiles with Olympic 2012 Wastebusters and planning and designing our Eco garden space which will include areas for mini beasts. We also hope to grow lots of salad, fruit and vegetables to use in our school kitchen.


We currently hold a bronze Eco Schools award and hope with the help of our fantastic team of warriors we can gain a silver or maybe even a gold award!


Solar Panels

In February 2012, we were lucky to have been successful in our application to have free solar panels installed onto our roof. We had to apply to Eco Schools, of which we are members, and had the pleasure of working with the contractors Winch Energy and Lightsource. The installation went very smoothly and as you can see from the pictures the solar panels look fantastic. We are now hoping to generate lots of free energy, reduce our carbon footprint, and any savings on energy can then be spent on the children.


Our Eco Committee will be collecting and comparing data to see how much solar energy we are producing, how much electricity we are saving and how the weather affects the amount of electricity our solar panels produce.

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