Following our successful visit 2017, plans are now underway for a repeat visit in 2018.  Please keep an eye on this page for further information.

Year 6 residential trip

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12th July 11pm

Another busy day where lots of children overcame their fears and displayed fantastic teamwork. The Hearts values have been well and truly exemplified across the whole week. The children’s encouragement of others resulted in all groups successfully abseiling, fencing and having great fun on the crate challenge. The day ended with a camp fire, led by our leaders and we toasted marshmallows just before retiring to our rooms to pack before bed.


We have an early start tomorrow to ensure that everyone is ready and rooms are tidy before breakfast.  Activities tomorrow include mountain biking, challenge course and Jacob’s ladder before lunch. We are hoping to depart around 2pm. Updates will be given during our journey home to ensure that you have an approximate time for our return to school.


12th July 10am

Following a disappointing night at the football, the children slept well. Today is the last full day of activities and the children are a little tired, both mentally and physically. Maddie and Jay, our group leaders, have rallied them all with their songs and chanting following breakfast. Activities today include fencing, abseiling, crate challenge and aeroball, as well as our second visit to the shop.


We are very proud of them all and their positive attitudes to every activity. Their manners when moving around the site have been exemplary. Their resilience and teamwork have been amazing and they have supported each other well, encouraging those who have not been so confident when tackling the activities at height.


Here’s to another good day!


11th July 8.30pm

After another hot and busy day, the children have been great working as teams on all the activities. They have all challenged themselves to complete activities that they would not have dared to do before with great success. A lot of the children are feeling very proud of themselves. They particularly enjoyed the giant swing and zip wire with some children actually being brave and coming down backwards! Our new activity, mountain biking was also enjoyed by 2 groups today. The rest will do this over the next couple of days.


We also celebrated 2 birthdays today and they have been privileged to go into all meals first as well as share their cakes, with everyone at lunchtime, whilst we sang Happy Birthday.


Following dinner, the majority of children and staff have now gone to watch the football with a select few about to go to Wacky Races.  Hopefully we will get another good night’s sleep before our last full day tomorrow.


10th July 2018 10pm

After an extremely busy day, many of the children are very proud of themselves completing activities that pushed their boundaries.  The trapeze and vertical climb were a great success with the girls proving to be the most adventurous.  Raft building was a test of their team building and problem solving skills with many ending in the water quite quickly, swimming with the ducks and their ducklings.  Team games proved to be competitive between groups and the children thoroughly enjoyed feeling the G force of the giant swing.


Dinner was a hit with chicken goujons and chips as well as pork chow mein, along with plenty of salad, followed by fruit and strawberry iced cake.  Then it was off for an evening of sports activities, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.


July 10th 2018 8am

After an early night, (all in bed by 9.30pm) the children slept well and have re-energised for another full day of activities including zip wire, archery, giant swing, challenge course, vertical challenge, mountain biking and more raft building.


After a very warm night, everyone was up early for breakfast consisting of cereal, toast, fruit, yogurt, bacon and spaghetti.  The weather is slightly cooler this morning but still very sunny.  Ideal for all the activities.  This morning, the activities are raft building, vertical challenge, sports and team games, trapeze and archery.  Our group leaders are also organising for the children to watch football tomorrow evening as well as their planned evening activity at half time.


9th July 2018

We arrived safely at 3.15pm, met our team leaders Maddie and Jay and settled ourselves into our rooms before our afternoon activities began.


The children have had a very busy afternoon enjoying team games before dinner in the warm sunshine.  Dinner consisted of sausages, chicken, meat pie or vegetable curry, rice, new potatoes, a variety  of salad, doughnuts and fresh fruit.  The evening entertainment was Passport to the World with the children finding out about different countries and their flags, in teams, expending lots of energy.


Lights were out at 10am as we have an early start tomorrow with breakfast at 7.30am.  Morning activities begin at 9am with some groups raft building, on the trapeze and giant swing, archery and vertical challenge



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